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    CEREC is the most advanced chair side dental system in the world, with the ability to create beautiful restorations such as crowns, inlays, onlays and veneers on the same day.

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      cerec swanley in kent


      Traditionally, teeth are prepared by the dentist during the first appointment, then impressions are taken, sent to a dental laboratory and then two weeks later the restoration is fitted.

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      CEREC is an acronym for Ceramic Reconstruction and is one of the most exciting technologies in dentistry. CEREC is an in-surgery computer system that allows us to replace damaged or missing tooth structure with a ceramic material that’s as close to natural tooth as is possible. This is all done while you are in the practice – in just one visit. All-ceramic porcelain inlays /onlays veneers and crowns that look and feel like natural teeth, can be made and fitted in a single appointment, usually in about an hour. When you have your teeth restored with CEREC there are NO impressions needed, NO temporary restorations (caps) to worry about, NO two week wait while the laboratory fabricates the restoration and NO need for a second appointment.

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      Cerec can be used to fabricate inlays, onlays, crowns and veneers. Generally cerecs are used for the back teeth to conservatively restore heavily broken down teeth. If you have more than half a tooth affected by decay, broken fillings or fractured teeth you will most likely need to restore the tooth with an onlay or crown. In these situations, Cerec is a perfect option to aesthetically, efficiently and conservatively restore the tooth. In addition Cerec can be used to fabricate crowns for dental implants in one day. After the dental implant is placed, the implant is scanned, and a perfectly fitting porcelain crown is made to provide a natural looking and strong crown.

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      The tooth to be restored is prepared by the dentist, and then a 3D intra-oral camera is used to scan the prepared tooth, adjacent teeth and opposing teeth. Then the dentist designs and shapes the restoration on the CEREC chair side computer. A block of ceramic is then placed in a milling machine, which is similar to a 3D printer and creates the same restoration the dentist has designed from the CEREC computer. In less than 10 minutes the restoration is milled, then the dentist checks the fit and bite with the restoration in place. Finally the dentist then applies natural looking stains and colours onto the restoration and then it is ready to be fired in an in-house furnace for around 15 minutes. Once the restoration has cooled, it is fitted and then the whole process is completed.

      “My CEREC crown feels so natural and looks like my old tooth and it was all done in less than one hour!”

      Mr H. N

      Book a consultation now to see how CEREC can help enhance your treatment.

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