Richard M
Richard M
19:15 25 Aug 21
Really pleased I chose dental beauty as my new dentist, very professional, very friendly and helpful
Caroline Dumont
Caroline Dumont
10:20 05 May 21
Guy Beighton
Guy Beighton
14:21 29 Apr 21
New dentist Charlie Brandon seen today for second time and had prep work done for crown. Excellent customer service right from reception to treatment. Would highly recommend them if you need a dentist.
Katrin Sp
Katrin Sp
14:25 28 Oct 20
I can highly recommend James (dentist) and his team - including the lovely lady on reception - for being so professional, super friendly and just simply excellent in what they (he) are doing, so there is no reason for being nervous anymore when going to the dentist.
John Wheatley
John Wheatley
18:33 19 Oct 20
I have attended this dental surgery for many years and have found all the staff both courteous and very helpful.The dentist's I have received treatment from have been very professional explaining treatment plans and alternatives in layman's terms.On the practical side I have never felt more relaxed and secure when receiving treatment.
Carmit Stewart
Carmit Stewart
11:49 12 Oct 20
I have been treated in this dentist surgery and I have been happy and impressed always with Ann the recipient. She is very nice, helpful and always returns calls!I have been happy with all the dentists that have worked in the surgery but Dr James Lau is truly exceptional!He always treats you as you are is only patience! He is knowledgeable, really explains everything he is doing, he is respectful, professional and has agreed to see me in an emergency case. He goes the extra mile to help. He really cares and he is lovely. I am dreading that he might leave. I really trust his professional judgement and his treatment.The dentist assistant is lovely, seems professional and truly reliable.I feel lucky to have this dentist surgery available to me 🙂 Thak you!

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Eleanor paid us a visit as she wanted a whiter, straighter smile and didn’t like the unevenness of the edges of her teeth. After a little bit of Invisalign to align the teeth, whitening and composite bonding were used to deliver this stunning smile!...

Luke wanted to perfect his smile and brighten the colour of his teeth. He came to Dental Beauty where our team treated him with composite bonding creating whiter and more youthful teeth. The treatment was completed in just one sitting and Luke is delighted with the results....

Zoe came to us looking for a same day smile and was treated by our team with composite bonding to fill in gaps and create a natural white finish - No drilling, No needles, No pain!  The procedure took just 2 hours and she is now more confident with her smile....

Carlie’s Story

I came to the surgery about a year ago, to start my treatment for braces and change the front of my teeth. It's the best investment I've ever made. Dev and the team have been amazing, the receptionists are fantastic, it's a really child-friendly practice and I'm really, really pleased. It's the best money I've ever spent.

Carlie, Teeth Straightening Patient

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Before and After
invisalign clear aligner

I came in to my dentist, who I've been coming to a long time and discovered some significant problems, so I went for bonding treatment. The experience was good, it was not painful. Now my teeth are done, I can see the difference between now and then and I'm much happier with the appearance, straightness, and the fact that I know my teeth are now protected....

I came to Dental Beauty because I had some chips on my front teeth and they were quite badly worn. The dentist recommended that I had the composite fillings put on to my front teeth. The treatment was really simple, really straightforward over a few appointments. It was totally pain-free and I think the end result has come out really well. ...

I came to the practice because I had "bunny rabbit teeth"; they were protruding out, had gaps in between them and looked really small. The treatment I was recommended was 'bonding'. I'd never heard of it before but was determined to give it a try. At first I was a little apprehensive and nervous because I generally don't like...

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